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Top 10 Bitcoin Payment Gateways for 2018

Top 10 Bitcoin Payment Gateways for 2018: Knowing the Risks vs Advantages.

How Binance Decentralized Crypto Exchange Beta Launch in 2019 Will Impact the Market

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume, is set to launch a beta version of its decentralized exchange (DEX) by early 2019.

Coinbase faces allegations by the prosecutor

The Coinbase Bitcoin exchange is suspected of having carried out a not inconsiderable proportion of their trades within the staff. Now, a stock exchange official told the New York Procuratorate to clarify the matter.


China’s Bitcoin Censorship Continues as WeChat Is Targeted by Regulators

China has become a very hostile nation for cryptocurrency. It is a very worrisome trend, but it appears there is nothing that can be done about it. In another crackdown, the country is now targeting WeChat content pertaining to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


After allegations of manipulation: BitMEX gives the all-clear - users are bogged down

The crypto-exchange BitMEX gives the all-clear. The trading platform, on which, among other things, derivatives for Bitcoin and Ether can be traded, was at short notice under a DDOS attack. About their Twitter account, the company gave the all clear - so everything is back in the green. Not so with the users, who apparently are largely bounced. There is talk of manipulation.


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Bitcoin 9935.03 -1.63%
Ethereum 260.06 13.85%
Ripple 0.30 4.37%
Bitcoin Cash 414.91 -7.75%
Litecoin 75.09 -2.56%
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2FA - what it is and how to use it.

This is a safety standard adopted by the community, for more secure authentication in different systems. 2fa solves the problem of compromised passwords by supplementary authentication using ‘almost’ one-time passwords.

What is a cryptocurrency mixer?

A cryptocurrency mixer is a tool allowing to increase the degree of anonymity for working with cryptocurrency, complicate or make it practically impossible to track transactions in the system. 

Types of cryptocurrency exchanges.

There are three types of cryptocurrency exchanges:
- Fiat exchanges
- Centralized exchanges
- Decentralized exchanges

What is a fork of a cryptocurrency?

In order to understand what a fork is and what the essence of this phenomenon is, it is necessary to begin with understanding of how the cryptocurrency works.

A Few Words about the ‘Easiness’ of the Trader’s Profession.

Everyone cannot be a successful trader, because not everyone is able to develop a mix of will, courage, carefulness, insight, foresight and intelligence, that makes a person to be a successful trader.
Along with the technical aspect, psychology plays a major role in trading. 

Mistakes of New Traders.

Lack of money management. Decide on the size of the deposit, which will not make you not sleep at night. Your state of mind is directly dependent on money management. If we are not afraid of losing investments, our mind will be sober, and it will be much easier to work according to plan. Be patient and trade with small funds until you understand how the market works. 

Cryptocurrency Mining Algorithms

Each cryptocurrency uses its specific cryptographic algorithm, which is decrypted by mining equipment in order to ensure blockchain functionality, transaction processing and to receive therefore a remuneration in form of certain cryptocurrency coins. 


Arbitrage exists as a result of market inefficiencies and would therefore not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient. How does one capitalize on this market phenomenon?

Choose the right wallet

The first thing to decide is how technical you want to get and whether you want to get into the nuts and bolts of bitcoin. Generally a rule of thumb is that the more technical the wallet, the higher the levels of security and the more onus on you to look after your funds. On the flip side, the more easy to use the wallet is the lower the security is and the higher the risk of third party oversight there is and generally the better availability of access options or platforms that support it. 

7 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Crypto Safe

How to protect your digital assets from fire, flood, phishing, forgetfulness, and other forces of nature.